Ice Breaker

SMOFcon 36 wants to encourage members to break out of their comfort zone and become better acquainted in an intimate setting with others they may not know as well. We’ve recruited hosts to take small groups to nearby restaurants during the scheduled dinner breaks from Thursday to Saturday. The hosts will pick a topic to start the dinner conversation and keep it moving, but there are no promises it will end with the given subject. Please be adventurous and choose groups that may give you potential new friends and contacts. You can sign up either in the Garden Room at the convention. Dinners are Dutch treat. Some groups may require transportation to the designated restaurants.

Reservations have been made for 6:30 p.m. at the restaurants listed below.
For restaurants farther than the hotel parking lot, we encourage folks to carpool. The signup sheets will show who else has signed up and how many places are available for each dinner.

If you are a host and don’t see your session listed, please contact

Groups are as follows:

Brad Lyau Friday Yeti SF Outside of the US
Bobbi Armbruster Friday Monti’s Georgette Heyer and SF crossover fandom
Bruce Farr Friday Terrace Grill Budget and Finance at Cons
Maurine Starkey Friday Terrace Grill Ways of overcoming roadblocks in creativity
Linda Deneroff Friday Osake What was your first convention and why did you stick around
Bobbi Armbruster Saturday Cattleman’s Football and SF crossover fandom
Mike Willmoth Saturday Osake Bidding for a rotating convention


Signups will be in the Garden Room in the Con Office area
There is limited seating for each group, and when the spaces on the form are filled up, the group is filled. So, stop by and sign up and see who else will be joining you!

We will note at convention how groups will meet for the trip to the restaurant (likely will meet in the hotel lobby 15 minutes before)