Conventions at the Speed of Night: Technology for the Modern Convention

We are planning programming for all convention runners, both on our theme and on topics of general interest.
Panels, workshops and discussions are already under development.

Theme directed topics in development include:
  Factors we use to select software for conventions
  When should software change
  Pros and cons of various meeting software
  Website development
  and Workshops on various software used in convention running

We will also have panels on general topics such as:
  Facility contract negotiation
  Techniques for working effectively with hotels and convention centers
  Presentations on chairing
  Developing sponsorships
  Legal responsibilities of boards

Discussions on topics of interest to attendees are being solicited and we may even arrange some at the convention itself.
It’s an opportunity to meet with con runners working in your area, hear fandom’s expertise, and contribute your own experience.