Fannish Inquisition

Rules of Engagement

All Smofcon members will be able to submit questions for the Fannish Inquisition (FI) in person at Smofcon prior to the Inquisition. Submissions will be anonymous.
All submitted questions will be edited to remove any personal attacks. We will encourage questions to be hard, but we will not permit them to be insulting.

We will follow the general format that has been used recently.
This year the Inquisition will be moderated by Stephen Boucher and Elizabeth McCarty and they will be asking all of the questions submitted to the Inquisition.

The focus of the FI will be seated Worldcons and announced Worldcon bids (a bid which has formally announced its committee, year, and site and which is actively bidding.) Other bids will be given a brief opportunity to introduce themselves.

We intend to be aggressive at sticking to schedule. Don’t make us yank you from the stage!
We will allow A/V presentations from the seated Worldcons and announced bidders ONLY.  Time spent messing around with tech will count against your limit, so make sure to meet with us in advance to ready your presentation.

There will be a single, 2-hour (approx) session on Saturday evening

  • Review the Rules of Engagement and introduce the Inquisitors (5 minutes)
  • 5 minute presentations followed by 10 minute audience Q&A for the 2019 and 2020 seated Worldcons (30 minutes)
  • Smofcon Selection
  • 2 minute presentations by future Smofcon bids (~10 minutes)
  • Short time for questions from the floor
  • Smofcon site selection vote (~10 minutes)

                              7 minute presentations by announced 2021 and 2022 Worldcon Bids (15 minutes)
                              2 minute presentations by unannounced and later Worldcon bids and any Hoax bids (~ 30 minutes)

           5 minutes for Audience to write and submit additional questions
           5 minutes for Inquisitors to review and incorporate questions

  • Inquisition (until end of allotted session time or we run out of questions)

Download Rules of Engagement