Program Notes and Presentations

A special thank you to the presenters and note takers for their assistance.
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Friday Program Items:

Effective Social Media Management
Effective Social Media: Megan Kent, Notetaker

Vincent Docherty’s Chair Workshop
Chair’s Workshop Leadership Development for Con-Runners: Vincent Docherty, Presenter

Welcome to Your Con!
Cap38 Guide to the Newly Initiated D2: Leane Verhulst, Presenter
Convention Tour Information: Leane Verhulst, Presenter

Branding Your Con Successfully
Branding Conventions: Megan Kent, Notetaker

Spot-on-Software Demonstration
HokuPop-Smofcon: Jennifer McElrath, Presenter

Budgeting for the Non-Financial Manager
Budgeting for the Non-Financial Manager: Bruce Farr, Presenter

Recruiting Ideas for Art Shows and Dealers Room
Recruiting Outside Art: Megan Kent, Notetaker

Saturday Program Items:

Effective Use of Timelines
Timeline Presentation: Bobbi Armbruster, Presenter

Principle of How You Respond to Criticism / Controversy / Emergency as a Committee
Social Media Response Guide: Colin Harris and Elizabeth McCarty, Presenter

Accessibility Issues Discussion
Accessibility Discussion: Megan Kent, Notetaker
Accessibility Presentation Notes: Janice Murphy, Notetaker

Communicating Between Your Committee and the Hotel
Beo Workshop: Mike Willmoth, Presenter

Effective Sponsorship Development Presentation
Sponsorship Presentation: Kate Hatcher, Presenter
Presentation Notes: Kate Hatcher, Presenter

Starting a New Con
SMOFCON 36 – Starting a New Convention – HELIOsphere: Mark Richards, Catelynn Cunningham and Liz Crefin, Presenters

Making the Guests of Honor Experience Great for the GOH
Care and Feeding of Guests: David Gerrold, Presenter

Sunday Program Items:

Trying Formats Other than Panels for SMOFcon
Format Panel Notes: Bruce Farr, Presenter and Notetaker

What is a website? What do you want it to do for your convention?
WebSiteSmof2018: Janice Gelb, Presenter
web-bakeoff: Janice Gelb, Presenter

Signage Add-On Program
Signage: Megan Kent, Notetaker

What is a Website? What do you want it to do for your convention?
Mastering Audience Thinking – SMOFCon Handout: Program Handout